Rapido 450

Rapido 450 is a Newtonian telescope for altazimuth use. It is a derivation of the Dobson concept, but with performance and executive quality pushed to the extreme.

The sore point of any super-cheap Dobson-inspired model is the problem of maintaining the optical axis,  not only due to mechanical deformations but optical too, because of the usually large diameter and the difficulties of being able to always manage it at 100% of your own skill.

Rapido 450 is a technological evolution of the Dobson concept, born for educational purposes but modified by us for peerless visual observation of evanescent objects (and much more) under very dark skies.

In the Rapido 450, you can mount a coma corrector that makes observations even more enjoyable, or a binoviewer, or even high-performance eyepiece with fields up to 100°.

The mechanical components are designed and optimized for all these possibilities. And last but not least, everything is easily transportable in a small car, thanks to the packaging system and the modular nature of the telescope.

Rapido 450 is the point of arrival for demanding visual observers that can enjoy with very dark skies.

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Rapido 450 is a reflector telescope with a classical Newton scheme (parabolic primary mirror, flat secondary mirror).

Designing a high-performance Newtonian telescope today does not have a purely industrial purpose. Indeed, the wide low-end commercial offer already satisfies most of the users.

MaxProjectTM Team wanted to confirm that even in simple and classic configurations the quality cannot compromise.

This project wanted to introduce some important innovations, in pure NortheK style.

The first innovation is the use of a sophisticated cell for altazimuth telescopes, equipped with floating supports and zero expansion systems, to allow the 35mm ultra-thin optics of this instrument to reach and maintain the thermal stasis throughout the observing session.

A full-bodied rear and side fans system, to simultaneously cool the mirror’s “core” and its surface, makes acclimatization extremely fast and precise.

The following graph shows how the telescope actually behaves during the observing session in a limit situation.

The very favorable focal ratio (f/4) still allows good portability and the use of equatorial platforms or other systems, which permit more comfortable observations.

No difficulty in making planetary observations even at very high magnifications. Also, the collimation is very easy, thanks to the micrometers system. Field tests have shown that even after long displacements the collimation barely has to be revised and, when necessary, the required time does not exceed two minutes.

Obstruction is limited to a secondary mirror with a minor axis of 100mm, to give excellent results in any kind of observation.

There are many possible regulations, to allow the customer the most congenial setting and to provide it with a tailor-made telescope.

The instrument is designed to be completely disassembled and stored in four cases, each of which can be lifted by a single person and easily reassembled.

The storage cases are made of wood; they are sturdy and divided into compartments in order to make transport and assembly-disassembly extremely easy.

As in the NortheK tradition, each component is made with CNC machining, only using high-quality alloys. The truss tube is made of carbon fiber, with self-centering conical joints to quickly put the system in axis. Very little remains to be done before the observing session

Optical scheme Newton
Nominal optical opening 460 mm
Actual optical opening 450 mm
Focal ratio f 4
Primary mirror focal length 1840 mm
Actual focus 1840 mm
Back Focus – M.F. all inside 350 mm
Thickness of primary mirror glass 35 mm
Glass of primary and secondary mirrors Supremax 33 di Schott
Substrate Alluminio quarazato SiO2
Optical surface correction diffraction limited
Strehl ratio 0,96
Average reflectivity 94%
Primary diaphragmation 5 mm
Diameter of the secondary mirror 100 mm
Thickness of the secondary mirror 15 mm
Actual obstruction including the engineering 25%
Diameter of the 100% illuminated field 20 mm
Maximum diameter of the instrument 610 mm
Internal diameter of the tube 518 mm
Maximum lenght of the tube, without accessories 1900 mm
Weight of the heaviest piece 28 kg
Cell holding the primary NortheK AZ 460
Secondary holder NortheK AxyS A1
Structure of the whole tube NortheK UnitorK 460
Outer protection Hard anodization, black colour
Nuts, bolts and counterweight Stainless steel, Ergal
Standard searcher 8×50 achromatic
Focus Feather Touch 2″
Tool box and wood boxes for transport Included
Maintenance manual Included
Optical cap Included
Feather Touch Mkit 20 motor A richiesta
Data may change without notice


Note: All the stock service products have a standard back focus. It is possible to configure longer or shorther back focus upon request and according to the instrument use. This might require a longer lead time. Before you come to a decision, please ask for details and clarifications.

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