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LEARNING CLASS: use and maintenance skills.
Customers having bought a NortheK telescope need to have a basic knowledge of ordinary maintenance and assembly.Even those who are not familiar with the technological solutions of the product should not be concerned because the NortheK telescopes are designed to combine maximum durability with ease of use.In order to support the customer and to make him familiar with ordinary maintenance techniques, NortheK is happy to offer a 4 hours learning course – at no extra charge – on the following subjects: Mechanics– Use, maintenance, assembly and dismanting (of user-serviceable parts);- Accessories installation;- Technological upgrades. Optics – Ordinary cleaning;- Centring and collimation;- Control testing. Please be aware that these skills can be learned just as well from the User’s Manual, however , for those who are willing to take advantage of this  opportunity, NortheK offer the classic at no extra cost in order to  enhance customer’s confidence and to improve their handing of the instruments. The classes are held at NortheK headquarters, or in other Italian towns according to a specific program. Every instrument is delivered with all the necessary tools for proper use and maintenance.

All amateur astronomers will feel the desire, at some stage, to upgrade and improve their setup, either in regards to the aperture or to different optical designs. Deep-sky astrophotographers; for instance, may wish to deepen their knowledge in different fields such as hi-res observation or photometry measurements. Unfortunately, despite their passion and desire, the amateur astronomers could sometimes give up because of too large investment required or difficulty to find a fair market price for their existing instrument. On the other hand, in  case they decide to upgrade, they could face a considerable monetary loss and, selling to another constructor, give up on the NortheK quality. With the “Buy-back agreement” NortheK offer their customers the opportunity to change their technological setup. NortheK, will buy  back your O.T.A. at a fair market price agreed at the thime of purchase, deliver the new selected instrument and collect the old one which will be reconditioned and put on the market as fully guaranteed second hand instrument. In this way new customers could buy discounted instruments whit the same technical characteristics of the new ones and with the same warranty. In order to take advantage of this amazing opportunity the customer must comply with the rules and regulations that can be request by emailing

All products manufactured or marketed by NortheK are sold with a full 24 months warranty.Any production or packaging faults, or the non compliance to the order confirmation, will enable the immediate substitution or repair of the instrument free of charge; shipping costs are to be borne by the Customer. Any waiting time will not be accepted as a basis for claims against NortheK.Any optical and mechanical products are subjects to tolerances that can be given upon request but they cannot be disputed.Any improvement to the original design during manufacturing cannot be claimed; “improvement” is to  be considered as a variant on the original design later adopted as standard in NortheK‘s manufacture and marketing.Any tampering or improper use of the products voids the warranty immediately.In order to avoid any involuntary mistakes which may affect the warranty, customers are recommended to carefully read the User Manual provided with  the product before its use. Different warranties.The customer can negotiate different warranty conditions and extensions, and the costs and circumstances will be determined case-by-case. Legal jurisdiction.The court (“Foro”) of Biella shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and condions mentioned above. Documents accompanying the optical tube. a) Use and maintenance Manual;b) Warranty certificate with serial number;c) Carbon fibre certificate;d) Optical certificate from the constructor : Laboratory test certificate;f) Copy of invoice;g) Copy of the order confirmation. 

We kindly request our customers to follow carefully this procedure so that the NortheK customer service protocol can be applied immediately.When the customer collects the product he automatically accepts this procedure as part of the  NortheK terms and conditions.In the event of a customer finding a product fault, break down or discrepancy with the specifications given by  the manufacturer he should contact NortheK to resolve the problem. The procedure consists in opening formal written complaint which will protect both parties from any misunderstanding and will comply with consumer law. The procedure is a follows: a) The customer should inform the supplier about the problem either by recorded delivery  or by e-mail  at
NortheK will usually reply within 24 hours (except weekends or bank holidays). In case the customer doesn’t  receive a reply within 24-36 hrs (or 48-72 hrs for overseas customers) he should make sure NortheK has received the information by ringing the number +39-015-99521. The control procedure will begin upon formal acknowledgement from NortheK customer service department. b) NortheK will provide a technical opinion in the shortest possible time  based upon information, measurements and pictures received from the customer. Therefore it is of the utmost importance for client to provide all the information required. c) Based upon the NortheK technical opinion and expertise, customer service will instruct the customer how to resolve the problem as quickly  as possible. d) All communication should be done by e-mail. In case something is discussed or agreed over the phone this should be re-confirmed by e-mail. This is to protect both , the customer and the company. e) The customer agrees to keep all matter regarding the complaint confidential throughout the verification, modification or repair of the product and not to inform any third parties, not even for simple information or discussion purposes. If information relating to a claim is shared with  any third parties NortheK could ask to review its content and will be, at the same time, automatically released from any confidentiality and could publicly  give their version based on the relating documentation. f) Any communication, information, assumption, from both parties, should be supported by technical written documentation otherwise NortheK could do whatever necessary to protect its own image. g) NortheK will do their best to resolve the claim in the shortest possible time in  accordance with their logistic and technical requirements. The customer is bound to confidentiality even in case the problem has been proved not to be NortheK‘s responsibility. No dissenting opinion should be made public otherwise NortheK could sue  the customer and demonstrate with technical documentation its own reasons. In case of false or specious claim, NortheK could ask to be refund of the costs. NortheK customer service is always available and ready to  find adequate solutions to its customers. The aim of this protocol is to ensure the correct management of the claim particularly in the case of un-authorised alterations of the instruments where NortheK is obviously not prepared to bear the costs. NortheK do not want to be in a position where the customer can use bad publicity to its own advantage however they will be always available to discuss specific situations. The present document is signer for approval at collection of the goods and/or totally accepted when the sale’s invoice is paid in full.