Sales conditions

The goods ordered can be paid ad follows:

ON GOOD RECEIPT (COD):  when the forwarder delivers the goods you can pay him cash or give him an international cheque (to made payable to Filman srl – not transferable).

BANK BACS/SWIFT: you can pay by bacs through you home banking or at any bank branch. The bank details of Filman are the following: UNICREDIT BANCA – IT49S 02008 44310 00000473844.

Please remember to quote the reference number that you were given when the order was confirmed and, in order to speed up the delivery, forward the proof of payment by e-mail at:

The order processing in use at NortheK ensures the best customer service.
For every order received NortheK issues an order confirmation with a reference number (which should always be quoted in any communication with NortheK) and sends it either by post, fax or e-mail.
In the order confimation you will find the delivery terms, lead times, and prices agreed, the descriptionof the products and quantities.
The price written on the order confirmation is fixed whatever the rate exchange fluctuation.
As far as the general conditions are concerned, please refer to the official NortheK web site.
In case of a late delivery the customer will be obviusly informed but NortheK won’t be liable for it. The delivery terms are always ex-works, the freight costs will be confirmed when the order is placed as they may vary according to the destination, the weight or the volume, as well as the insurance if required. The freight costs will be put on the invoice so that the customer con benefit of the special rates agreed between NortheK and its forwarders.
At the time of delivery the customer MUST check that the package is unflawed and, in the event of damage, he must put his reservations – countersigned by the carrier – on the delivery note, otherwise the warranty will be invalid. Any complaint should be made within 7 days from the receipt of the goods, it should be fully documented and the damaged goods have to be kept at

NortheK disposal for inspection.

NortheK won’t be responsible for any manumission or improper use which will make the warranty invalid.

For goods in stock the payment is always in advance or on delivery (Cod). For goods to be produced or in process, the payment will be made in two parts:
50% deposit at the order (the order confirmation is issued when the payment is received);
50% balance when the goods is ready (the goods are shipped immediately after the receipt of the balance) or at delivery.
If the customer wishes to cancel the order he will lose the deposit. If NortheK is responsible for the cancellation, then the deposit will be totally refund.
Any contract dispute will be resolved under Italian court Biella.