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Filman srl created the trademark brandname NortheK to exploit its competences in advanced techonologies and know-how in optics, precision mechanics, and composite materials that have been developed for different applications.

With in website NortheK offers a part of its high-technology products, namely, off-the-shelf standard products, custom-made instruments, and consultancy before and after the sale. Each and every one of our products is designed and build within a mindset of state-of-the-art technological solutions, optimised for an excellent performance/price ratio.

Our instruments and our optics come with full certifications, both in regard to material and in regard to tolerances allowed. These products hold their value in time thanks to the extreme care which goes into design, production, and research.

A full and extended assistance service, readily available spare parts, technological upgrades, unquestioned spotlight on the customer, great regard for the value of the products: these are the keypoints of the NortheK brand and of our business plan.

NortheK  has the ambition of growing into a technological hub on a European scale, with very high quality standards and highly competitive performance/price ratio.

The Team Maxproject™ consist of highly qualified people that have the role of conceiving and bringing into production advanced technologies for every field interest. The whole Research & Development department is managed by the Team, with the industrial support of Filman srl and commercial support of NortheK.

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NortheK is a Filman srl trademark.

Filman applies the most up-to-date and strict health and safety regulations at work. The wages and legal tratment provided by Filman and NortheK to their workers are complying with the Italian work legislation, which is unamously recognised as being one of the most protective within the Western countries.

All te external production and supply units also comply witht the above regulation and have signed the protocol.

All Filman/Northek products are manufactured with respect to the environment.

The materials used during the production process are easy to recycle and to dispose of in a environmentally friendly way.

No toxic or harmful substances are released in the environment during the production process and we request all our suppliers to also certify their compliance with the legislation protocols relating to waste disposal.

Filman certify that al their products are manufactured in the Western countries in compliance with the above mentioned regulations. Whenever some materials are purchased from different areas, a strict supplier selection is applied in consideration of their credibility as wel as their health and safety standards.