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A very simple way to save some money when buying an instrument is to be a part of a Purchasing Group.


NortheK has created  a structure able to deal with Purchasing Groups in order to be known by a larger public and give the highest diffusion to its products. Each group will be granted a special discount based on the size of the order, and the order can include complete tubes, optics and various accessories.


What's a Purchasing Group?

It's a group of people (please note that companies, wholesalers, distributors are not admitted) who place an order with  NortheK through  its own representative with a single delivery date and address.

A classi example would be a group of amateur astronomers buying an instrument for their observatory and maybe some accessories for their associates. This method allows a good saving on related expenses like transport costs and an optimization of the NortheK production. These savings will be completely at customers benefit.

The order is collective but the guarantee applies to the piece sold to each individual belonging to the group, service and the assistance will be guaranteed as usual.


To be entitled to the advantages of a Purchasing Group the following condition should apply:

a) single delivery address;

b) the delivery is made in one shipment only on completion of the order;

c) the representative of the group must give NortheK the names and details of all the members but he will be the contact for the negotiation of the discount (based on the size of the order) and other details;

d) once the agreement is made each customer wil send his own order referring to the agreement made through his representative. For all the rest the order is handlied exactly as a normal order from a single customer.


The Purchasing Group can collect the goods directly at our warehouse, attend courses on use and maintenance, ask for modifications on the project etc.

Purchasing Groups do not include the following:

a) special products projected and manufactured on demand;

b) wholesalers, distributors and assemblers;

c) customers requiring different places of delivery;

d) some mass produced product market with a special symbol.


Do not hesitate to ask for more detail directly at info@northek.it