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Filman srl, through its commercial  NortheK brand name, states that its products conform to the following:

The carbon fibre fabric used in our telescopes is 100% carbon fibre and is produced by the following suppliers: SEAL, AIRTECH INT., SGL TECHNOLOGIES, COMTECH AEROSPACE.

Manufacturing technique is autoclave wrapping.

The tubes for the truss structures are manufactured with unidirectional fabric and high-module insertions, according to our proprietary design.


NortheK Composites


Filman srl, through its commercial brand name NortheK, provides a 24 month warranty (starting from the date of the invoice) on all the products we manufacture or sell.

For any defective product with flaws caused by mistakes in construction or assembling of a NortheK  product, NortheK is committed to repair or replace (according to its unquestionable judgement) the product. NortheK will not be responsible for direct or indirect damages arising from the lapse of time necessary for repair or replacement and will not compensate the customer for the unavailability of the instrument during repairs or replacement.

Northek will not be responsible for design and manufacture choices that are implemented according to the original design; should the customer object to any of these, the customer has a right to recede from the contract and cancel the purchase according to the Right  of Rescission, for 10 working days, to be counted from the date the customer takes delivery of the product.

In regards to the optics, which are accompanied by a quality certificate of the manufacturer, the methods of controls and determination of optical parameters are solely those described in the "technical subjects" webpage; any dispute supported by different methods will not be taken into consideration. The optics' manufacturer is willing to repeat the test according to its protocol described in the webpage; should the optics conform to the certificate, the test expenses will be charged to the customer. The Customer is required to give due consideration and to approve all notices and remarks which are included in writing in the website at the time of the order. All certifications are to be understood within the framework of these notices and remarks.

The warranty becomes null and void, effective immediately, should the customer attempt:

a) disassembly, hole drilling, carving and similar operations, on any part of the product, unless authorized in writing by NortheK;

b) improper use, tampering, negligence, unskilled activity;

c) failure to sign conditionally the delivery papers to the courier, should damage to the package be evident.

For further clarifications please read the webpage on services and warranties. The court ("Foro") of Biella has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes.


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